jefitoblog has an eclectic “Friday mixtape” that includes Matt the Electrician, along with Genesis, Kool Moe Dee, Tom Petty, etc.
(Fun Fact: I attended a charity dinner in 2003 just because he was the opening act, after I had heard him live on KUT’s Eklektikos.)

Austinist links to am post about Austin band Golden Bear. I find myself painfully unaware of Golden Bear, though they have been getting great reviews. Sometimes, my stunning ignorance surprises even me.

Austin Sound reviews Peel‘s new album in the context of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. It’s an excellent review:

It’s in this regard—the club-sandwich vocals, the busy-but-not-too-busy musicianship, the playfulness of the atypical sound effects and distortions—that they are most reminiscent of CYHSY. It takes seamless studio work for both Peel and Clap to make it all happen, for this is ludicrously difficult music to put together. If the puzzle pieces do not click perfectly together then things fall apart quickly. On Peel, the joints never show.


The Peel software I wrote about last week here has been updated.

It’s much faster and less buggy than the previous iteration I’d been using for a couple of weeks.

Definitely check it out here, if you have a Mac.

I have been using a beta program called “Peel” for a week or so.

Mac-only, it’s designed to let you read “mp3 blogs” in a separate browser and stream their mp3s without downloading them.

It works pretty well. It’s a little slow to load, and it’s missing some of my favorite rss features (like, all of them). Still it saves a lot of time and effort and I am using it with the blogs I don’t read as often.

Click here for more information about Peel.