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Thanks to Gawker, Jay-Z’s tribute to the Beastie Boys, performing No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn at All Points West.


The past three or four weeks have been a complete blur.

I have had clients in town, new projects to launch, and deals to close. It’s all insane.

I just got home about 20 minutes ago (1 20 am) after an extremely long day that just kept getting longer and longer. It was great, though, and now, I am too wired to sleep.

I have not been listening to much music (the more I talk about music, the less time I have to listen). Last week, I listened to 30 songs. 30!

All day, I have had one song going through my head:

Big Boi ft Purple Ribbon Allstars, Kryptonite.

This has been a favorite song for a while. It’s a great club song — incredibly catchy. As I drove from meeting to meeting, or walked from parking garage to wherever, Kryptonite kept playing in my head, over and over.

Listen: Big Boi ft Purple Ribbon Allstars, Kryptonite.

Buy: Big Boi Presents … Got Purp?, Vol. 2.

Idolator has a link to a Mashup of Ludacris’s Release Therapy with the Jackson 5 by 5G Productions, originally posted on The Rap Up.

I have been really enjoying the So Much Silence series I Used to Love H.E.R.

Today’s installment was the drummer from Palomar reflecting on one of my favorite album’s A Tribe Called Quest’s Low End Theory.

Notes from a Different Kitchen has a new UGK track featuring OutKast “International Players Anthem” from UGK’s upcoming Underground Kingz.

Not sure I will be buying this album. I am still holding a bit of a grudge from the drama back in 02 or 03. If it weren’t for the presence of Big Boi and AndrĂ© 3000, I wouldn’t have played it at all.

The mini-Screw part is odd. I always wonder if people outside this region are familiar enough with Screw to not think something’s wrong with the track.

Still it’s a good club song, and I have the feeling I am going to be hearing it all summer.

Tonight, I went with B to see Public Enemy at Auditorium Shores, an amphitheater on the shore of Town Lake, which is known as the Colorado River elsewhere.

It’s a beautiful location with downtown as the backdrop:

There were tens of thousands of people there. I am terrible at estimating crowd size, but it was a remarkable number of people. We were nowhere near the stage and there were 2 or 3 hundred feet worth of people behind us.

The show was decent. Chuck D, Flava Flav, Professor Griff were all there, and they had a live band. The sound was not great. We were over past the speakers, but it just wasn’t very loud.

The set didn’t last more than 90 minutes. They jumped around a bit, mostly old stuff, a couple of new songs. Everything hung together well. There was a little too much Flava Flav for my taste. It was his birthday, so there were at least three separate mentions of it. There was some great political stuff.

Overall, it wasn’t great. It wasn’t the group though. It was the audience. The audience sucked. Hard. We have a problem of bad audiences here in town. People go to shows and stand in front of the band and talk. It’s incredibly rude and infuriating.

There were plenty of people talking throughout the entire show. Not, “I love this song!” and then shutting up, but “I loved Flavor of Love!” “My camera’s not working” “Where are we going when this is done.” The whining! I was absolutely appalled.

I wanted to punch them very hard. I moved as far away as I could, but it was dark and packed and there was only so far I could wander from B to get away from the talking.

How people can be so rude is just beyond me. It’s disrespectful to the audience and it’s disrespectful to everyone around them who are trying to enjoy the show.

Oh Word has an great article about Devin the Dude and the impact of bloggers and blog buzz on “creative rappers.”

I am excited about Devin the Dude’s new album and it should bring him a much larger audience. Of course, I thought that for his last album that was written up in the Times, etc. In support of that album, we saw him perform some afternoon show in a park here in Austin with maybe 100 people in attendance.

He was great, as was that album, but it just went nowhere for him. I hope that this one will be different for him. He’s a tremendous talent and appears well-liked in Houston among all the different battling factions.

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