Don’t judge me, but I flipped over from watching the game (go Bears!) to make sure I hadn’t missed the finale of I Love NY 2. (Again, no judgments.) Instead, I found VH1’s 100 Greatest Songs of the 90s.

Wow, I am old.
The first thing I see is Montell Jordan’s This is How We Do It. Okay, B and I saw him in concert in San Antonio when he opened for co-headliners Mary J. Blige and Boyz II Men, so I accept this was the 90s.
Next up, Austin’s own Fastball with “The Way.”

Is it really possible this came out in 1998?

It seems so much more recent than that, perhaps because I used to drive past one of their houses every morning on my way to work so they were still on my mind this decade.

More likely, it is because they are still the nightmare story Austin musicians tell each other to warn about quitting the day job too soon.



I would like to think that if my brother started a band, he would name it “Awesome Cool Dudes” and release a completely stupid, and yet, entertaining, track called “Clap Clap.” Then he and his sidekick/”little brother” would torment women by making them dance to it in dive bars all over the LES.

Alas, the band and song already exist, so you can make the fantasy a reality by adding this to your repertoire :
Awesome Cool Dudes, Clap Clap.

Check out Awesome Cool Dudes at their website , where you can download plenty of free music.

The Austin Chronicle has an excellent article about the making of Voxtrot and their first LP, set for release next week.

Before reading the article, I was curious about the album and knew I’d buy it. Now, I am excited.

That’s the power of music features.

Listen: Voxtrot, Kid Gloves.

Buy: Voxtrot, Voxtrot.

jefitoblog has an eclectic “Friday mixtape” that includes Matt the Electrician, along with Genesis, Kool Moe Dee, Tom Petty, etc.
(Fun Fact: I attended a charity dinner in 2003 just because he was the opening act, after I had heard him live on KUT’s Eklektikos.)

Austinist links to am post about Austin band Golden Bear. I find myself painfully unaware of Golden Bear, though they have been getting great reviews. Sometimes, my stunning ignorance surprises even me.

Austin Sound reviews Peel‘s new album in the context of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. It’s an excellent review:

It’s in this regard—the club-sandwich vocals, the busy-but-not-too-busy musicianship, the playfulness of the atypical sound effects and distortions—that they are most reminiscent of CYHSY. It takes seamless studio work for both Peel and Clap to make it all happen, for this is ludicrously difficult music to put together. If the puzzle pieces do not click perfectly together then things fall apart quickly. On Peel, the joints never show.

I mentioned Sounds Under Radio in one of my myriad SX posts. Now that the tracklist for the Spider-Man 3 soundtrack is out, the buzz about them is deafening.

Riiiiiight. It’s Austin.

My theory is that you can either be famous in Austin or famous from Austin.

Sounds Under Radio is taking the famous from Austin path, as they record their project for major release.

During SX, there were a lot of private parties shut for capacity, permit, or relatively random (and seemingly fascistic) reasons.

The parties are an essential, though non-official, part of the SXSW experience. Frankly, they are the only things many of us do during the week.

The owners of boutique Factory People wrote an eloquent open letter about their party and the future of private parties that was posted on Austinist yesterday.

It would be nice, for once, if the City of Austin have some collective sense about a big event. I would hate to see SX become scrubbed of all of the unofficial gatherings. A week of just conference panels and showcases would be absolutely sucktastic.

I am now home, drunk, after my only real foray into SX territory.

Yes, it’s like 7:30 here, but I have been drinking for a few hours. I don’t drink much anymore, but S kept bringing them and who I am I to say no?

I went to the CDF showcase, which was excellent. I caught a few minutes of Sounds Under Radio, a major buzz band . . . about to be signed to WB and featured on the SpiderMan 3 soundtrack (replacing WolfMother, if I am not mistaken). As usual, I have heard no local buzz about them. All the buzz is national.

I spent quality time with our band’s producer. He’s a tremendous talent and he really supports what they’re doing.

The band was awesome, as always. They were all recovering slowly from the flu, so I could tell they were not thrilled with their performances. Musically, they were just as good, if not better, than always. Vocally, they were holding back a bit. Despite the fact they failed to play my favorite song, it was a great set. The audience on the lower level sang along. The audience on the upper level (the industry folks) seemed really into it.

A collected me at 7th and Congress. I thought I walk would do me good. What it did was give me a chance to see all the band dudes in skinny jeans. A note for all the men out there: you look awful in skinny jeans, especially spandex skinny jeans. Look like a man, for goodness sake.

The one piece of advice I gave everyone today is “enjoy each moment.” Don’t rush through thinking that the next level is where it’s at. Right here, right now, this moment is special. Enjoy the good things, and the bad things. Enjoy each stage of this journey for the journey. Focusing too much on the destination will drive you insane.

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