It’s been a while since I’ve written here . . . obviously.  But it’s time. 

I have been finding myself inspired by music and some amazing things have been flowing into my inbox and my iTunes.  

My iTunes is currently stuffed to the gills at 10549 songs, although decreasing by three as soon as I hit pause and delete Future of the Left, which I found through Idolator and Merry Swankster and Fluxblog.  Not my thing, screamy punk.    I do like that the two of the songs I have are “You Need Satan More Than He Needs You” and “The Hope That House Built,” only because the titles amuse me.  Farewell, Future of the Left.  

I am heading to Florence and the Machine as a palate-cleanser.  The new album Lungs . . . it’s good — but I am not yet in love with it.  I am currently loving the Halo cover from Live Lounge.  My live lounge collection is at 294 songs and it remains my prized collection.

I am dating someone with appallingly bad taste in music.  He’s only slightly older than I am, but the music he grew up with is apparently suckier than the Brit pop, New Wave, Ska, and other things I heard when I was young.  It’s actually shocking, but he makes up for his horrible taste in music by having excellent taste in other areas, though being with him in a car is a struggle.  He’s now proudly up to 1998 in rap, so that’s something, mentioning how much he liked “R Z A.”  I corrected him on pronunciation and complemented him on being down with the Wu and urged him to check out Ghostdog.  I received in response a blank stare.

I mentioned casually, that I’d heard “This is the Way We Ball,” on the radio as I arrived, a song at whose creation I was actually present.  Yeah, he had nothing.

I am culling the collection as I type.  Farewell, Magnolia Electric Co., though you remind me a bit of vintage Neil Young, Farewell, Summer Cats.

Bands that make me happy every time they pop up on iTunes: Phoenix (I am so crazy about them I am considering becoming their fan on FB, which I’ve never done for any band I don’t work with), Melanie Fiona, Noisettes, Kat Edmundson.  I will be writing about them in the future and why I am falling back in love with music.  My taste is currently hitting electronic, danceable hip hop, indie pop, and soulful r&b in equal measure.  I am rediscovering gems in my music collection and downgrading old favorites.

But the bottom line is that I am back to listening, loving, and passionately discussing music.